Monday, April 18, 2011

Missing with Projectiles

After spending so much time with atmosphere and the like, I figured it would be best to go back to combat for a bit. The two mods I'm going to discuss this evening are also much simpler in terms of installation than Liquid Water, but I'll get to that later.

One thing that bothered me when going through dungeons in Cyrodiil is that bandits always seemed to have no sense of peripheral vision. No matter how many times you cast a spell or shoot an arrow right past their eyes, it's never enough to get them to budge unless you actually hit them. To make this oddity even more confusing, when you shoot an arrow or spell at an archer and don't kill them, they'll be able to hit you without missing every time you're in plain sight, regardless of your own movement and their own marksman skill.

In an effort to balance the unusual vision patterns of these enemies, Duke Patrick created "Near Miss Magic and Arrows Alert the Target" and "Actors Can Miss Now." Now when you fire an arrow or cast a spell that lands within 20 feet of the NPC, they will either flee or start searching for you. If that NPC is an archer or spell caster, there's a chance that they may always be accurate in their aiming. This chance is determined by your movement to avoid the shot and their individual marksman skill. Being in the sneak position will naturally increase your chances of being hit, and an expert shot will naturally rarely miss.

The mods are both very small plugins that require nothing but the Oblivion Script Extender in order to run properly. This utility has been a prerequisite for a few different mods I've already discussed, so I would assume that you already have it installed. If these little mods interest you enough to try them out for yourself, Near Miss Magic and Arrows Alert the Target and Actors Can Miss Now can both be found on TESNexus.

Once again I must apologize for my extended absence, but I'm afraid the real world will always come before this blog. That being said, I hope to have at least a couple more posts up by the end of the week. Until then, goodbye for now.


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  2. Good works Matthew, I actually installed multiple mods because of your blog :). Like the combat hide, projectile alert and actors can miss.
    I like a realistic combat system and the vanilla make combats dragging for too long. But I find using deadly reflex 6 with 250% weapon damage, mighty magicka reborn and increased damage (with some tweaking) balance the game so well.
    This is how my game looks like: