Friday, February 10, 2012

The End of an Era

As some of you may have guessed, I decided some time ago that I was going to spend the remaining time before the release of Skyrim just sitting back and actually enjoying the game.

It's interesting how many mod authors look at the Elder Scrolls as more of a sandbox than an actual source of entertainment on its own, and I would hate to have anyone think that I feel that way. I spend a great deal of time playing before I even begin to consider what mods would improve the experience, and I always come back to the game after it's all said and done. I felt like I could finally do this with Oblivion because I was finally satisfied with all the modifications that I made to it. For those looking for my recommendation on the perfect setup for the game, simply follow all the instructions I've listed here on this blog, beginning with my first post and ending with my last. This version of the game was by far my favorite, and I'm happy to finish my experiences with Oblivion on that note.

If you'd like another look at what my game looked like after all was said and done, feel free to watch the video below. It isn't breathtaking, but it definitely was more than enough to keep me invested in the atmosphere.

So what happens now? Well, I travel north. I just completed the main quest of Skyrim last week, and now that the Creation Kit has been released, I'll begin a new account of my modding experiences there. I finished designing the new blog, which you can find here. I can't say that I'll never return to Oblivion, for I already miss it dearly, but Skyrim truly is a beautiful game. We'll see what happens.

Until another time, blessings of Akatosh upon ye.

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