Monday, March 21, 2011


After a long Spring Break, I've decided to start up again small with another little mod that adds a bit more excitement into Cyrodiil.

If a character decides to dabble with magicka and wants to buy a new spell, the merchant limits the character in accordance with their school of magic. If you're taught a spell by a member of the Mages Guild or elsewhere, you may not be able to attempt casting it due to these limitations. In an effort to give the player the chance of success or accepting the consequences of failing, Fizzle removes these limitations. However, if your character isn't strong enough to control the magicka necessary for the spell, it may fail or physically harm the caster. An example of this effect can be seen in the video.

The mechanics behind the mod are relatively straight-forward if you don't want to customize anything. When your character "equips" a spell, you will be notified of the chances of successfully casting the spell in question. A number of factors go into calculating this percentage, such as holding a weapon, what kind of armor is weighing the character down, or skill level in the appropriate school of magic. If any of these factors are changed, you will be re-notified of your casting chances. If the probability is low enough, and your character happens to fail, the spell will affect the player in some way, such as damage to health, fatigue, or magicka. The result of your failure will also be told to you the same way you are notified of your casting chances. Both of these notifications can be turned off if you don't like to see them, but I chose to not customize any part of the mod for demonstration purposes. If my explanation doesn't make sense to you, or you'd just like to use the mod yourself, you can find Fizzle right here.

I apologize for my absence over the course of my Spring Break, but I figured being social in the real world would be better for me than taking that time to update my blog. But class is back in session now, so I'll be posting semi-regularly once again. Until next time, goodbye for now.

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