Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MOBS and Multipliers

I've reached the point where I think the majority of my posts are going to be more focused on interactions with Cyrodiil rather than just beautification. To start this off, I'd like to discuss two similar mods that I recommend using together.

The Medieval Oblivion Equipment Balance System (MOBS) was designed to give the weapons and combat as a whole a much more realistic presence in the game, primarily by reworking the amount of damage weapons are capable of at each character level. Another major fix that MOBS adds is the changing of weapon reach during combat, which adds a lot more sensibility to how fights play out. Hand-to-hand is improved by adding more fatigue damage, and marksman is rebalanced by giving more speed to arrows and slowing down the motion of running backward. On top of all of this, damage as a whole is increased.

Kuertee's Attribute-Based and Skill-Based Damage Modifiers, which I'll refer to as Multipliers for convenience sake, can be layered on top of the changes that MOBS makes to create faster and potentially scarier combat situations. The amount that weapon damage is multiplied by is easily customizable outside of the game by the player, and these skill-dependent changes also affect NPCs. Multipliers makes the game much more intense at times, but fights to the death typically should be more nerve-racking than the original game's portrayal of combat as a tiresome and lengthy nuisance.

Whether these mods result in easy kills or not is much more dependent on the skill of the NPC now, which calls for much more attention to timing and calculation before lunging head-first into battle. As you may notice in the video, the couple times my character dies are mainly due to one miss or misjudgment. To properly see the effects of the mods on both the player and the NPCs, I left the menus on. Be sure to pay attention to how health is affected.

Using these mods completely changes the way the player handles aggressive NPCs, so I recommend taking some time to practice before going right into major quests and expect to know what you're doing. Obviously the best method of doing this would probably be to start a new character, though a new save game shouldn't be required for either of these mods. They both are very simple to install, and Multipliers can be installed with the Oblivion Mod Manager, which I've mentioned a few times in previous posts. If one or both of these mods sound appealing to you, here's where you can find MOBS and Multipliers.

It was a long day today, but I still managed to have enough time this evening to post this. With enough luck, I'll at least get another one up tomorrow before the weekend. Until then, goodbye for now.

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