Monday, March 7, 2011

Dungeon Actors Have Torches

I thought I'd take the time this morning to write a quick, little post about a quick, little mod.

When using mods to make the world darker when in dungeons or at night, torches and other light sources become increasingly important to the player, which makes a lot of sense. Who wants to run around in the dark all the time in a dangerous place like the wilderness of Cyrodill? Well, apparently bandits do, because the original game doesn't provide them with any light source for them to hold. Dungeon Actors Have Torches gives NPCs who reside in the underworld of Cyrodiil a relatively high chance of having a torch to carry with them. Not only does it provide your character with light sources for when you're stumbling about in the dark while trying to be sneaky at the same time, but it also makes it much more difficult for you to surprise the bandits. In my opinion, this adds a decent amount of realistic challenge to the game and makes dungeon diving a lot more exciting.

Before complaining that the first section of the video seems too dark, keep in mind that this is meant to point out the necessity of giving the actors torches. If you're not familiar with the mod that is making my dungeons look so eerie, be sure to check out my post about Cava Obscura. Also, if you're interested in having this idea extended onto the NPCs outdoors, be sure to check out Exterior Actors Have Torches, which was made by the same author. Finally, if this mod seems like just your thing, you can find Dungeon Actors Have Torches right here.

It looks like this week is going to be pretty slow for me, so hopefully that means I'll be able to post more on here. Please please please be sure to tell me what you think about what I'm doing here. I haven't received any feedback lately, so anything would be wonderful. Until next time, have a fantastic Monday.

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