Monday, February 14, 2011

Cava Obscura

Next on the list is Cava Obscura, which can be best described as an atmospheric enhancer. In the original game, ruins, caves, and dungeons were generally pretty easy to dive into without a torch. For those that think this is unrealistic, Cava Obscura creates a darker setting in all the dungeons in Cyrodiil which still preserving the game's original feel. There are a few other mods that attempt to make these areas darker (such as Darker Dungeons), but the author of Cava Obscura took the time to edit each individual dungeon's light levels rather than just remove light completely. You can see the result in my video.

Some claim that this mod is equally comparable to others like it, but I prefer the looks of this over any others that I've tried. If you aren't convinced by my video, feel free to try it for yourself. You can get Cava Obscura for yourself at TESNexus.

These first two mods I've displayed are both very easy to install. As I go on, keep in mind that the process of installation gets a little more complicated and may require additional mods or third-party programs such as a load order software or a mod manager. I'll be sure to go into more detail about that when it becomes necessary. Until then, be sure to let me know if you find what I have to say useful or informative. I'm all ears for constructive criticism. Goodbye for now.

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