Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Enhanced Water

Today I'll be displaying a pretty simple mod that changes the world's atmosphere. This time we're dealing with water. Many people complained about Oblivion's water being unnaturally blue and blurry. Enhanced Water attempts to clear things up by making the water clearer and adding more visibility while underwater. This is great if you have a mod that makes water-life a bit more diverse because making water clearer only reveals more of Oblivion's tragic flaws. I'll go into more detail on making underwater experiences more exciting in the future. For now, take a look at the difference above the surface and see the massive improvements made by Enhanced Water.

Although life underwater currently seems quite lonely in the original game, at least with Enhanced Water you're able to see it. Plus it's hard to argue with the beauty of the water's reflections of the surrounding landscape. If you like what you see, you can find Enhanced Water on TESNexus.

Given the simplicity of this mod, I have nothing more to say. Maybe I'll have time later to post another before the end of the day. Until then, goodbye for now.

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