Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enhanced Economy

One thing that I never seemed to understand was how other citizens of Cyrodiil always seemed to have endless supplies of Septims at their disposal while I would have to run through countless quests and sift through limitless clutter in search of something that might let me get as wealthy as I'd like. In an attempt to redistribute this unfair placement of wealth in Oblivion, Enhanced Economy was created.

Unlike previous mods that I've discussed in this blog, Enhanced Economy will directly affect your decisions while playing. The main things I present in the video are the two reasons why I have an interest in this mod. The first one I've already mentioned. Merchants and traders in Cyrodiil will never run out of gold, no matter how many pieces of armor, weapons, precious stones, and family heirlooms you manage to sell them. Enhanced Economy fixes that. The more you sell, the less they have. It's as simple as that. Well, sort of. Depending on what time of day you come in, they could potentially have more or less gold than the last time you happened to visit. This is meant to simulate other customers coming into their establishment during the time you aren't present. It makes perfect sense, which is why it seems so desirable.

The second reason I enjoy this mod is because of its item repricing. I always found it so depressing to find some clutter in a crate that the world collectively decided was worthless. In an effort to provide a bit more promise of fortune for looting, Enhanced Economy includes customizable price lists, giving the player the option to almost completely eliminate the worthlessness of miscellaneous items. I'll attempt to explain the technicalities of this after the video.

While watching, pay attention to the value of the items in my inventory and the merchant's total barter gold.

Like All Natural, Enhanced Economy requires the same external programs in order to be installed. The benefit of this system is the opportunity it gives the player to customize the changes of the mod on an individual basis. Keep in mind as well that I didn't cover every aspect of Enhanced Economy. Even though I may provide a detailed account of a mod's capabilities, this shouldn't compensate for the author's description or the text document included in the mod. Always be aware of everything that you add to your game before you play, otherwise the results may be undesirable. If you'd like to read more about what Enhanced Economy can do, you can find it on Planet Elder Scrolls.

As I go on, the mods I'll be discussing will begin to be much more fine-tuned for very specific additions and replacements for the game's characters, combat, items, creatures, and more. Again, if you ever have any suggestions for where I should go from here, don't hesitant to contact me. Until next time, farewell.

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