Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Subtle Sunshine

Continuing on with little atmospheric mods, I thought I'd cover the sun, since it was such a disappointment in the original game. Only in Oblivion have I been able to look at the sun and see a nice, little, perfect circle of light in the sky. Such a tiny thing could never illuminate a huge planet like Nirn (in case you weren't aware, that's the name of the world Cyrodiil is a part of in the Elder Scrolls games). The first sun mod I tried was also the most popular, which goes by the name of Beaming Sunglare. As much as I enjoyed the dramatic difference it made, I decided this time I would go for a more realistic look. That's when I discovered Subtle Sunshine.

The difference between the original sun and Subtle Sunshine's replacement is quite impressive when you look for it, but once the texture is replaced, the result is so natural that it seemed like the sun always should have looked the way it does, which is the way something so standard as the presence of the sun should be. You can find Subtle Sunshine right here.

For those that have no interest in changing the appearance of the atmosphere of Cyrodiil, I apologize for these first few posts. I promise more excitement is on its way. Until then, have a wonderful Wednesday.

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