Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deadlier Traps

I thought I would attempt to break the monotony of all the passive additions I've been making to Cyrodiil for a bit to bring you all a something a little more violent. Deadlier Traps makes dungeon diving a little more nerve-racking by doing exactly what the title implies, making most large traps fatal. The difference is simple and fun to watch, so I'll let the video show the rest.

As you can see, this mod will definitely make you walk with a little more caution through ruins. If you're interested in making your dungeons a little more dangerous, you can get Deadlier Traps at TESNexus.

I'm sure I'll probably have time to post at least one more today, so I'll probably stick to the dangerous theme for a little while. If you know of any frightening, suspenseful, or realistically painful mods that I should look into, don't hesitate to let me know. Until next time, goodbye for now.

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  1. Your blog is relevant to my interests, sir Mathew. Deadlier traps does look awesome.

    Have you seen this shit?
    I am also running a TES related blog on blogspot! We should be friends :3